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Creator and owner, Cindy Amos, is an authority on color theory, fine art and design, graduating from art school with Magna Cum Laude honors while earning a Bachelor of Fine Art degree.

In addition to her rich and varied work experience, Cindy has spent years in private research and development of methods, techniques, products, and innovative new approaches to applying color and paint in the arena of human habitat. The combination of academic achievement and practical work experience provides the foundation of Away with White and the inspiration to help people overcome the doubt and fear of using color in a fresh, new way. The method, the visuals and the coaching will give you the confidence and courage to finally do Away with White!

Remembering humble beginnings...

"I remember graduating from the oversize toddler appropriate crayons to the Crayola 64 count box with the sharpener in the back. I spent hours on the floor with my crayon box, neatly organized, as I worked through my coloring books from beginning to end. I was so proud to present the finished "colorized story" to my Mom, who always praised and encouraged me to be an artist. Being an artist is not something you do; it is who you are. The fact that I earn my living doing what I love is a bonus."

Relating the "ah-ha" moment...

"About 15 years ago, I was building a house in Tennessee. When it came time to choose colors for the painter, I was paralyzed. With so many choices, how could I possibly choose? My solution…a color plan. My original color plan was invented and created for my own personal home many years ago. And after the plan was well underway, I started playing with combinations of color and texture to create more interest, movement and variety. I made sample boards to help visualize the effects before doing my own walls. The feedback from the finishing trades, spouses and friends was incredible! The concept of Away with White was born. But it wasn't until years later I realized I could run a business whose concept was birthed from the need to make a choice. The original basic color plan format and sample boards are nearly identical to those I use with my clients today."

Reflecting on the philosophy...

"I started Away with White to help people have more of what they love. We can all reflect on our favorite restaurants, vacation spots, spas, etc. Some of the many reasons we go back to these places are the atmosphere, ambiance and the feel we have when we walk in. Subconsciously or on a more noticeable conscious level, we have to realize that the color and décor establish the mood that transfers to us personally when we are a part of it. My goal is to have more of that feeling all around us in our own home. My consulting method is designed to personalize your home with the colors that make YOU happy. I do not try to substitute my choices for your own. Instead, I take care to ask important questions about how you want to feel in each space, taking notice of your lighting, furnishings, lifestyle, etc. Together, we build your own unique core color palette which becomes the final color plan, complete with color chips and instructions. Faux finishes are also considered where we may want to add something special to an accent wall, recessed ceiling, architectural feature or a whole room. In the end, I want our experience to be worthwhile, a good value, fun and most of all, a motivational start for you to transform your rooms and home to be more of what you want."